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Simulating human behavior in not yet built environments - Navigation AI that responds to social inte

Implementing the paper of Davide Schaumann using Unity3d

as part of my work as Research assistance in the Technion

from the paper:

Current Computer-Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) systems fail to represent buildings in-use before their realization.

This failure prevents testing the extent to which a proposed setting supports the activities of its intended users.

We present a novel approach to human behavior simulation based on a thorough representation of end-user activities by means of events – computational constructs that simulate users’ individual and group activities to achieve a specific goal.

Human behavior narratives result from a combination of top-down (planned) and bottom-up (unplanned) sequences of events, as a reaction to time-based schedules and to social and environmental stimuli, respectively.

A narrative management system orchestrates the narrative developments and resolves conflicts that may arise among competing events.

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