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Space01 - 3D space simulator game available for Oculus Rift

A 3d space simulation game that uses the Oculus Rift as monitor display and for looking mechanism. The game was developed in Unity3d for Windows

You can watch it here:

Flight Engine - The user uses the Keyboard and Mouse to navigate the Ship in 3d,

The mouse controls the camera direction and the Keyboard controls the force added to navigating the ship in the right direction

Head Up Display(HUD) - Information is displayed on the screen including a visualization of the ship’s Cockpit and panels.

The information includes the ship’s speed, Shields, Health, Ammunition and more.

First scene - A scene including some large ships, small fighters, asteroids, Space with stars, space dust for fast travel effect

Shooting mechanism - The user uses the left mouse button to fire the primary weapon of the ship. The projectile will fly straight forward and collide on impact, causing damage.

The user uses the right mouse button to Fire a missile that will find the first nearing target.

Radar system - The user have the coordinates in space of all enemies.

An indication of the enemys coordination is projected on a 2d radar map that is updated in realtime.

Oculus Rift Display - The view is displayed in 3d on the Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Controls - The user controls the view direction according to the head direction.

This is done with the Oculus Rift Gyros/Accelerometers

AI of enemies - The enemy ships try to destroy the player by chasing him,

shooting him and trying to perform evasive maneuvers

Wave manager - The game spawns more waves of enemies to fight the player

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