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The Last Hero - 3D Tower Defense game with RPG elements available for Android and PC

A 3d tower defense game that lets the player control a Hero and place defensive towers.

The game was developed in Unity3d for Android and Windows

The Last Hero is a tower defense game where you defend your castle from waves of attacking monsters, by building defenses on the castle walls.

You are probably thinking,

Another tower defense game?

No, this is not the typical tower defense game. In our game you can control a hero in 3d, fight the monsters yourself and walk in and around the castle.

Anytime you want, you can switch to a tactical camera above the scene, and build your towers on the castle and walls.

You can watch it here:

Game Features :

  • The player can moves around the castle and attack monsters with sword arrow or magic staff

  • The player can perform a special attack using the Gyro of the phone

  • The player handles tower placements on the scene

  • The player can do side quests in a short distance around the castle and gain rewards

Weapon and spells

Before and after buidling a tower

Enemy NPC choosing the shortest path

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